The Ridiculous Concept of “Fair and Lovely”

So I recently wrote a post about why dark skin is such a stigma within the Asian community (by the way you guys should go ahead and check it out its pretty sarcastically awesome and accurate). I mentioned the skin lighting cream “Fair and Lovely” in vague but did promise to go on a rant. Well guess what guys, here it is 🙂 Okay so those who are not familiar with what ‘Fair and Lovely’ is and no it’s not an upcoming Bollywood film.  It is in fact a skin lighting cream, that makes you fair and well I guess “lovely” too. Right?


I’ll start with the nonsensical product name first which already is just in your face racist. The word “fair” is purposely associated with the adjective “lovely” implying that having fair skin will make your appearance more lovely, beautiful and whatever other word that is connected with the word “lovely”.  I’m surprised how this product is still on the shelves of supermarkets and local shops, it’s so blatantly discriminatory after all.  Just because this product was created by I assume a brown Asian person who wants to look like a ghost doesn’t mean its okay for them to sell it to other brown Asian people who too think they want to look like ghosts. If this product was created by a White person, BBC News and Daily Mail would be releasing non-stop articles in how the “White man is promoting white supremacy” or something along those lines. But that’s the problem with us brown people by us buying this we are indeed stimulating this White supremacy that so many historic figures have fought against. By us buying these products we are in a way subconsciously denying our race or perhaps we are conscious but choose to go ahead with it.  I know this sounds extreme and there are probably bigger problems in the world but I think we should boycott this product. It only feeds on peoples insecurities and that’s how the product owners are making their profit. They put this fear in our minds that if we’re not fair skinned then we are not attractive, I mean just look at how abrupt the product name is, they certainly didn’t hold back on that one!

Obama Fair and Lovely

So I don’t know about you guys but I’m not to impressed by Fair and Lovely, the adverts however are very amusing and not to mention this Barack Obama meme.

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