#Grenfelltower Rapid thoughts.

Before I lead myself into despair I need to get this shit of my chest. Who lives in London? Whose working class? Whose an ethnic minority? I’ll tell you who those hundreds of the roughly 500 residents who remain uncounted for in the Grenfell Tower block fire. I can’t speak on this without feeling a […]

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Random Pissed Off Post.

Random thoughts lead to a random out of the blue post, so here’s this. I like to believe that my blog is aimed at the ethnic minority but welcomes all human kind. Either way, I’m going to put this out there… Who else is sick of seeing middle class White folk on the pedal stool? […]

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The Ethnic Body VS The World

The more we progress through times it is fair to say Black and Brown women are being accepted at large in comparison to our ancestors. Long gone are those days of seeing the slim White woman with the long pins on every newspaper. Society is now being introduced to ethnic female bodies, the media in […]

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