I saw the stars in my dream.

I was sent up the heavens one night through a dream given by God. It was quick like with every thing that’s beautiful, the glance must be kept limited. As the stars were so beautiful and space was so breathtaking I was in awe I thought my heart might burst. They were luminous and were […]

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The Return of the Seeker

My heart begins to pound slightly as I open up the majestic WordPress app, my stomach filled with butterflies and dozens of thoughts rush through my mind like a bee stampede. Every new idea that rushes through the corners of my mind gives of a buzzing sound which makes me feel exhilarated. It’s been FIVE […]

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Youth vs Grace

When I left this blog I was just a child, a child who had not experienced life at its core and all its wonderful fruits or its harsher realities. Since then, God has made sure I experience both. Since then God has put me on a journey filled with turmoil that ultimately led to an […]

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